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The K98 rifle was the most widely used firearm of the German soldat.  Below is a soldier getting his rifle and gear ready.


"Just as the defending force has gathered valuable experience from ... Dieppe, so has the assaulting force ... He will not do it like this a second time." Field Marshal von Rundstedt - August 1942

WWII German K98 Rifle - dnz 42

This K98 rifle and web page is dedicated to the memory of United States World War II Army veteran Nick Sinchuk who passed away April 7, 2005.

Veteran bring back from Italy. My parent's next door neighbor, Nick served in North Africa and Italy during WWII in a US Army maintenance unit. While in Naples, Italy in 1945 as part of the 1st Battalion 125th Ordinance, he picked up from a pile of surrendered rifles this maker marked 'dnz' 42 K98 Mauser rifle. He then had it shipped back to the States. The rifle stayed in his finished basement until around 1998. Knowing my interest in WWII, he graciously gave it to me. He stated it has not been fired since WWII. I have no intentions of firing it or selling it, just taking care of it. I've since added a sling (not German), sight guard, and cleaning rod. All numbers match on the rifle (3654) except for the bolt (7076, all matching). The original bolt had been separated from the rifle in Italy and Nick picked one from another pile.

Numbers appear on front barrel band, rear barrel band, under folding sight, top end of sight, receiver, small 'step' left hand side at rear of receiver a 54, bottom of receiver, and floor plate. I don't see any numbers on the stock, there may be very faint number 25 on top of upper hand guard. The cupped buttplate has the letters 'brg', maker code for H.W. Schmidt, Döbeln, Sachsen. There appears to be a lowercase "b" under the number 3654 on the front left hand side of the receiver. Small "77" on right hand side and two small "77"'s above 3654 on bottom of receiver. Receiver top has a Waffenamt or inspection stamp of "WaA623". There are the letters 'dot' on the bottom of the stock, near the buttplate. These letters indicate the stock was manufactured by

I seem to recall my Dad and I took the upper hand guard off once and found numbers (not 3654) under the part. May have to remove again to check.

Marking "Ru" is an unknown barrel manufacturer code. The "b" below serial number is the suffix letter block production code. An observer on the internet noted the stock may have been sanded and the sling is probably original WWII issue. Because the receiver is shiny, it may have been reblued since WWII. Nick always said the rifle has been in his basement since WWII and has not been fired since then. May never really know. Interesting note; 30 minutes after I posted for the first time on the internet regarding this rifle, I found out Nick had passed away that evening.

Here are some comments about the rifle:

Bob in Ohio:
Looks like a nice piece. Code 'bnz' is a Steyr made piece which is desirable. Things look "right" but that m/matched bolt hurts value and the receiver and barrel may be reblued? Pretty glossy finish and pitting that might be blued over is my cue. Value would be 3-600 depending on the reblue question and how motivated the buyer is.
Turbo Archie:
Yea, $300 if you want to buy it and $600 if you want to sell it.
I also agree with Bob that there is a possible re-blue issue with the receiver, especially if you compare that area to the milled “H” front band. But, I can’t tell for sure (i.e. the muzzle and front sight look ok). It may just be the camera flash.
Rich, what you have there is way better than a Russian Capture (RC). Someone messed with it sometime in it’s long past (the drill hole and sanding reflect this) though. But this is pretty common, so it’s nothing to feel down or otherwise bad about.

Unfortunately, there was a small hole drilled in the stock just in front of the sling slot on the left side. It does not go through the stock and is covered by the sling. The bore is nice.

Markings: Matching SN 3654, except bolt (7076) Numbers appear on front barrel band, front sling band, under folding sight, top end of sight, receiver, small 'step' left hand side at rear of receiver 54, bottom of receiver, floorplate. No markings on wood stock. Possibly faint number on top of front wood piece. Hole drilled in front of rear entry of sling, left side. Two circular marks between front barrel band sling band. Rear bottom of stock may have "dot" letters stamped in wood.

Additional Markings: Receiver front "Ru" 'bnz' 42 Mod. 98 Appears to be a lowercase "b" under SN 3654 left hand side receiver. "77" on right hand side, Two "77"'s above bottom receiver. Receiver top stamped with Waffenamt of WaA623, Receiver left ("FP - SN") NOTE: Reference on Internet had FP-SN, not sure what that is referring to. FP is Firing Proof, maybe eagle and swastika? Cupped buttplate: brg WaA497, produced by sub-contractor H.W. Schmidt Metallwarenfabrik, Döbeln in Sachsen. No serial number on exterior of plate. According to revised edition Backbone of the Wehrmacht, a pictured rifle assembled in 1942 by Steyr had a buttplate stamped 'Wa623 Sn' (page 193). Buttplate markings 'brg WaA497 Sn' is pictured for rifles assembled in 1941 (page 176) and 1943 (page 213) at Steyr.

Sling (non-original WWII issue) was added by current owner. In April 2005 purchased correct 12.5 inch (no SN, original) cleaning rod. I've also fitted an original sight hood. At the time the rifle was given to me, the fitted sling was a belt. It is possible the previous owner had drilled a hole in the stock to secure the belt, not sure.

Maker codes on rifle
bnz - Steyr-Daimler-Puch A.G., Steyr (Upper Austria)
brg - H.W. Schmidt Metallwarenfabrik, Döbeln in Sachsen
dot - Waffen Werke Brünn, Bystrica

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